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A little update

Ah~  Halloween's just around the corner, and following that we enter into the joyous Holiday Season once more.  The years just zoom right by doesn't it?  Overall it's been a good year so far since school's started, in large part due to my having my own room finally.  I didn't realize having a door would make such a huge difference.  Also, I've noticed that at the beginning of the year I was making all these plans to hang out with friends (hard to do when I think I've got friends from like, 4 or 5 different groups XD), especially since most of them live within walking distance now, but lately it feels like I haven't seen most of them for a lo~ng time...hmm...I guess during October everyone was busy with mid-terms...well...better plan some get-togethers for November before the finals hit lol.

And to end this post, a photo (because I'm bored and I've noticed pictures always make posts more fun and interesting):

That's my friend Antonia and me (I'm the one with glasses).  We're in the same program and met last year, but haven't been really keeping in contact outside of classes (that seems to happen a lot with a bunch of my "friends" from various classes, need to work harder at making friendship bonds that last outside of the classroom ^^;; ).  This year we have another class together and she surprised me with a gift she bought for me from China when she went back this past summer.

Well, that's about it for this post, have a Happy Halloween everyone!!

[EDIT]:  I am in love with Osa...Her voice, her dancing, her acting, her personality in those little interview and rehearsal clips, AND SHE'S RETIRING AT THE END OF THE YEAR!!! ;______;  Omg...thank you so much lilie_charlotte for getting me hooked onto the awesome of Osa with that Elisabeth performance *O*
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