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Takarazuka and some gender-bending fun <3

Good lord I've got some extraordinary tastes.  I've been obsessively scrounging through youtube looking for various clips of Takarazuka performances/interviews/whatever else they've got.  For those that don't know, Takarazuka is a musical group in Japan that's all female, yes that means any male characters are also played by females.  They were founded in the 1920's I believe and are still running today, specializing in romance musicals like "The Rose of Versailles", "Elisabeth", "Phantom of the Opera", etc., etc.  They're divided into 5 troupes, Flower (Hanagumi), Snow (Yukigumi), Moon (Tsukigumi), Star (Hoshigumi), and Cosmos (Soragumi) and each troupe performs on their own resulting in star performers from each troupe (though I think for some special performances they bring performers from multiple troupes together).  Actresses that mainly play male roles are referred to as 'Otokoyaku' and female characters actresses are called 'Musumeyaku'.  For more information on the Takarazuka and biographies and photos of the star performers from each troupe check out this website:
- Takarazuka wikipedia
- Takarazuka Top Stars Chart

Hot damn some of those Otokoyaku are, for lack of a better word, sexy and hot.  Like for example:
1)   2)    3)    4)    5)

1- Wao Youka from Cosmos troupe
2- Aran Kei from Star troupe
3- Mizu Natsuki from Snow troupe
4- Sena Jun from Moon troupe
5- Haruno Sumire from Flower troupe
(Their make-up are all heavy since it's stage make-up)

It reminds me of when I watched Sailormoon and the first time I saw Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and thought to myself "Hot damn if girls can look/act like that who needs icky boys *_____* " (remember this was back in elementary school, boys were still in the 'icky' category).  Now it's more like "Well a boyfriend's nice and all but getting to go out with a chick like one of these, now wouldn't that be superly awesome :D"


Waaaay~ too much UST...
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