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Job-hunting - Welcome...

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September 10th, 2007

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01:54 pm - Job-hunting
I'm looking at the job listings on the Student Federation page on my university's website and I feel so...incompetent O___o

These jobs are expected to be filled by students and yet the responsibilities of them and the duties sounds more like high-status jobs to me.  Like this one (copy and pasted from the site):

Sustainable Development Coordinator
This position reports to the VP Student Affairs of the SFUO
Contract length: September 1, 2007 – April 30, 2008
Hours and pay: 15 hours per week, $10.50 hourly

Ideal Candidate

  • Has previous experience organizing and implementing small- and large-scale projects
  • Has strong leadership qualities
  • Works well independently as well as with a team
  • Utilizes creative strategies to reach out to the target audience
  • Can manage more than one project at a time
  • Demonstrates interest in and has previous experience related to sustainable development

Job Description

  • Develop and implement projects for the SFUO
  • Identify and implement improvements to the sustainable development efforts of the SFUO
  • Prepare and initiate special projects to make the SFUO, the campus and the broader community more environmentally sustainable
  • Implement SFUO sustainability assessment recommendations
  • Work with community partners on various projects
  • Assist in the creation of an office for the sustainability initiatives of the SFUO
  • Prepare research reports and proposals

I mean, I want to apply, but things like "prepare research reports and proposals"??  I've taken one course on environmental issues, and that was a first year course to boot.  There are people out there with phD's who're still having a hard time coming up with efficient and solid sustainable development plans and they expect undergraduate students to be able to fill the job?

The scary thing is there're probably are students on this campus qualified for this job, nothing like that kind of knowledge to lower the self-esteem ^^;;  Oh well, I'll probably apply anyway, just to see, haha, wouldn't it be fun if I got accepted XD  I'd probably go into that office the first day and be like "OK everyone!!  Sustainable development, yes!  So, implement a no-text book policy (cuz you know, text books uses paper), and email essays to profs instead of printing them, no more final exams :DD  Oh and NO NOTES!!  All profs are required to have typed up versions of their lectures for students to download :D"  I'd probably get suspended ~____~
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Date:September 10th, 2007 06:15 pm (UTC)
It's probably not as bad as it sounds, but if you're interested you should talk to someone about it more. Then can clear things up for you. ^.^
Date:September 10th, 2007 06:51 pm (UTC)
You know...though you were being sarcastic (or not), your suggestions are very good ones.Sustainable development is not just about having a one-day campus clean up or whatever. You should really give it a go, and become one of those radical environmentalists...I'd totally support you! Seriously speaking, don't underestimate yourself or your qualifications...you havea good mind and are a great person, I think if you give yourself the opportunity & apply for this position, you'd surprise yourself at the great things you could do.-James

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