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September 5th, 2007

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02:30 pm - Playing on photoshop
Last day before classes start, going into my 3rd year in university, wow 3rd year already.  I can still so clearly remember my first day of my 1st year.  Ah the memories :D  I was in the mood for some good old nostalgia today, so I played around on photoshop and came up with this wallpaper (1024x768):

I think that's Cloud in the picture?  The art's by Yubinbasya, a doujinshi group containing the mangaka Akizuki Ryo (did I get that right?  Correct me if I'm wrong anyone).  She/he mainly does Final Fantasy stuff I think, which I don't know much about since I haven't played the games or anything, but her/his art is so gorgeous *O*  More of his/her art here.  I have a fascination with scanlines I think lol (scanlines are the faint diagonal lines, they can be horizontal, vertical, whichever way), they seem like a good way to add a final touch and to take up white space XD

[EDIT]:  And here we go, another roommate rant.  The year hasn't even started yet.  Well anyway.  When we had just moved into this apartment, it was supposed to be Angela's job to set up the internet account with Rogers since she also wanted to set up cable TV and her cell phone with them and they said in that case the account had to be under her name (Rogers has this service where if you sign up for 2 services you get 5% off, if you sign up for 3 you get 10% off and so on).  Being Angela, however, time and again she kept saying she was too busy and she had to study and this and that, so finally I offered to just get at least the internet set up under my name and Angela said that's fine, she'll just worry about her TV and stuff laterr.  Awhile ago, Angela bought a TV set and she asked me to go and add the cable TV service to my Rogers account since it's all under my name now and so I went and set up an appointment for Rogers to come in and install cable TV, that was suppose to be today.  Well, being the Einstein she was, Angela decided she wanted to go shopping today and asked me, oh excuse me, she didn't ask, she told me to wait at home between the times that the Rogers people were suppose to arrive so that there's someone to open the door for them while she and Bonnie go shopping. 

Here's my number one problem, why should I wait at home when it's YOUR tv?  Although the account's under my name, I don't need to be here to sign anything, as long as there's someone over the age of 18 here when they arrive and seeing as YOU are the one wanting this shouldn't YOU be the one to voluntarily stay home?  I had told her that today was the day they would arrive to install the cable at least a week ago, so why would you choose today to go out shopping??

Well either way, I figured I wasn't really planning on anything today anyway, though I had thought about wondering through a mall or two, but whatever, no big deal and in the end she and Bonnie made it back home before the appointed time anyway so no harm.  But then, right as I was thinking to myself "Oh good they're back, now I don't have to strain my ear trying to listen to see if anyone's knocking at the front door and now I can close my room's door, let my bunny out to run around my room and do my own thing" Angela comes in and tells me she's going to take a nap and so if the Rogers people come to wake her up.  W. T. F.   Apparently she had stayed up all night watching movies and so now she's tired and needed to take a nap, well sweetie, you should've saved your fucking shopping trip and taken that nap earlier!

I didn't say much, just pointed out that if someone knocks at the front door she would be more likely to hear it first instead of me since she's in the living room, but I kept my door open to keep an ear on the front door and finally the Rogers guy calls me on my cell.  I thought when he called that he was downstairs already so I woke Angela up and she mumbles that "Finally, once the cable gets installed I can get some sleep". 

Now, here's a little side-note.  When I was living in the living room last year, and people woke me up from my mid-day naps, I was cranky, but in the back of my mind I knew that it was my own fault for choosing to sleep in the middle of the day (or choosing not to sleep at night and instead during the day) and that doesn't mean other people should have to rearrange their schedules to fit my naps even if we were roommates.  I mean it's not their fault they have to cook lunch or dinner or they had invited friends over, that's normal during the day, it's my fault for choosing a crappy time to sleep.  Angela, on the other hand, seems to think it's her god given right to sleep whenever she chooses and us as roommates should make our schedules in accordance to when it's convenient for her.

Well whatever, so we waited for the guy to come up the elevator, and we waited for a good 15 minutes with no show, so I guess the guy must've called as he was getting ready to come over?  Anyway, as we were waiting, Angela told me she had tried to change the light-bulb of the light in the kitchen from a regular one to an energy-saving bulb and that she couldn't take the cover off or something and I should go down to the rental office and ask them to get the maintenance guy to come and change it.  Now generally I'm all for energy-saving, but by now I was getting more than a little pissy and I told her if she can't change it then just leave it.  She came back at me with "Well we're going to have to change the bulb sometime when it doesn't work anymore".  By now I was at the end of my patience with her.  Here I was wasting my time and effort for her goddamn tv, and she's got one problem after another.  She's already nagged at me twice to go to the rental office and get them to somehow hook the buzzer up to our phone-line (since we don't actually have a home-phone account I guess they have to do something special to get it hooked up to the buzzer?) and each time I had told her it doesn't matter to me whether we have the fucking buzzer or not, if friends come over just tell them to call the cell phone if they can't get in, plus usually there's people going in and out regularly anyway, so you don't even need to buzzer.  I told her if she wanted the light-bulb changed then she can go talk to the rental office about it and I went back into my room, still keeping my door open in case the Rogers guy arrived. 

Another 15 minutes passed and Angela comes into my room and asked me when the guy called me on the cell earlier if my caller ID showed his number and to call him back asking what was taking him so long to get here.  Now I was really not in the mood to be nice to her, I absolutely detest people coming into my room without an invitation, even if my door's open I think it's polite to ask before coming in plus it's been one thing after another with her and I snapped at her that regardless of whether I call the guy or not, if he's not here then he's still not going to be here and if he's here and downstairs then he's just taking his goddamn sweet time getting up here while flipping open my cell and calling.  I got the busy signal and hung up and Angela stormed out of my room grumbling about how she just asked me to help her with one thing and my attitude sucks.

Now excuse me, but you guys be the judge, I admit I was rude when I snapped at her, but goddammit I'm sick and tired of her asking one friend after another for help with HER things.  Maybe her other friends don't notice because they don't live with her, but it's like she takes every opportunity to use her friends, whether she even realizes it or not.  Just off the top of my head;
- she's asked Xin to help us store our stuff when we moved,
- she's asked Mike (roommate from last year) to drive her and fix her computer/laptop numerous times,
- she's asked boyfriends of her other friends to drive her from place to place,
- she was suppose to go back to China this summer and she told me she had asked a friend to help her get cheaper tickets (which didn't work out and she didn't end up going back to China in the end)
- when I went to Toronto she wanted me to ask my friend if she can tag along with me and stay in my friend's place
- I refused and so she turned to ask Cat if she can go to Toronto with Cat (Cat lives in Toronto so she had planned to go during the Labour Day weekend)
- She gave me a cheque for September's rent and bills but when I went to deposit it I couldn't and when I told her she got all defensive at me until I told her I don't know why the hell the bank wouldn't let me deposit, they had told me it was confidential.  Apparently she didn't have enough money in her account to pay both her tuition and bills so she had paid her tuition first not leaving enough money in the account for her bills (thus when I went to deposit it couldn't go through) and so I had to wait for 5 days until she could transfer her money from one account into another or something and so now basically I have to cover for her until her money gets transferred.

Angela probably doesn't even realize how much she asks other people for help with her own things, but seriously, I can't stand it.  I'm the type who'd rather spend some money and do things as much on my own as possible.  If I'm going someplace, I'd rather get a hotel than leech off a friend unless they invite me first, if I need to get somewhere in the city and taking the bus is inconvenient I'll call the taxi, if I need tickets for something I'll buy them myself through official sources even if it's a bit more expensive.  I hate asking friends for favours because although you can tell them it's fine if they say no most people feel obliged to say yes, I myself hate being put in that position and so I dislike putting others into that same situation.  Angela, it seems, has no trouble asking others and more often than not not even asking but simply telling others what she wants them to do. 


Well...I feel a little better now, really crashed my day though.  God dammit.

PS.  My bunny has grown a taste for fortune cookies, hehe.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy

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[User Picture]
Date:September 5th, 2007 09:03 pm (UTC)
Wow it's pretty. I like the colour scheme. I can never pick right colours that go together so I stick with one colour lol. I do like the flowers, it goes well in the overall picture.

[User Picture]
Date:September 5th, 2007 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks~ I wasn't sure about the flowers actually, I was like "it's snowing...would flowers look strange?" But it seemed so bland if I just added some scanlines -___-
[User Picture]
Date:September 5th, 2007 09:28 pm (UTC)
I think it's pretty. I don't know, even if it is snowing, the flowers were a nice touch. All my wallpapers that I make always seemed to miss something. But yeah I like it. I should make more anime/manga wallpapers but I've been in a Arashi kind of mood all of a sudden. I hope to see you soon!
[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 12:12 am (UTC)
i forgot you were in university... i just started my first year. is it normal to feel really lonley and stuff at first???
[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Oh yes, more than normal, especially if you're going to a university outside of you home town/city and have to live in a dorm or with roomates or something. It'll get better once you make some friends and get a new circle to hang out with :D
[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 12:19 am (UTC)
ok. i'm 5 hours away from home. and that may not be a lot but it's enough. and i don't even have a roommate so i didn't automatically meet someone. i have met people... but haven't really gotten close to anyone. i hope i get some good friends soon. i don't think i can be like this for another several months.
[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 12:45 am (UTC)
Has your classes started yet? I find it's pretty easy to meet people once classes start. The first few days are the best for meeting people since everyone's new and finding conversation starters is pretty easy, like;
- "So, what program are you in?"
- "What do you think of the class so far?"
- "Are you in first/second/third/fourth year too?"
etc., etc.

Most people I find that I meet in classes we don't develop super deep friendships, just someone to take a few notes if I miss a class or something, but you're bound to meet a few people whom you've got more in common with and start hanging out with outside of classes. Also, take a search on lj and see if there's a community for the university you're at. Just don't be afraid to approach people and start a conversation, especially in first year, everyone's looking to make new friends so don't be afraid to say 'hi' =^O^=

You're actually lucky you don't have a roommate, god I wish I didn't have roommates -___-
[User Picture]
Date:September 6th, 2007 12:50 am (UTC)
yeah. classes started today. but i didn't really meet anyone there. it was actually when i was heading back to my room and a few people on my floor were hanging out in the hallway. i was with them for a bit but i seem to have become really shy up here and didn't talk with them much. and when i did i felt like no one listened.

i never would have thought of the lj community thing i should go do that. i've never really had a problem walking up to random people and saying hi but this year... it seems to be a problem. i dont know why.

on one hand... i agree... i'm glad i don't have one. i've got a double room all to myself. but on the other hand... i wish i had met someone right away.
Date:September 7th, 2007 09:25 pm (UTC)
OMG seriously Mengya, you have two options: find a new roomate FAST! or...move into a place of your own...granted, roomates provide friendship, company,ease on bills, rent, etc. but its rather unfortunate that you have to deal with the stupidity of others (namely,your current roomate). I don't know your reasons for having a roomate, so I won't put words into your mouth, but this situation seems to be getting out of hand. I think you need to talk to Angela and let it all out, about her irresponsibility and her lack of trustworthiness. I don't know her personally, so I'll reserve my judgments, but she seems to be a very unreliable person and dependent on the kindness of others. She totally blew up on you over nothing, and you don't have to put up with that.I really hope this situation starts to improve.-James
[User Picture]
Date:September 8th, 2007 02:58 pm (UTC)
If only it was that easy. Both of us are on the lease so if I move (heaven forbid, bad memories X___x) I'd have to sublease and all that hassle. I think basically I'm just going to use a minimum-interaction policy. Unless we have mutual friends over or something I'm going to have as little interaction with her as possible, like I did with my roommate during my first year at uni in the dorm. I won't ask her to help me with anything and in return I'll be able to refuse anymore of these stupid favours she tries to dump on me.

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