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Bra size help?

Hmm...I'm a little confused.  Historically, whenever I went to buy bras, I just use the trial and error method of whichever one(s) fit the best and are comfortable.  Today I figured well why don't I actually do a measurement just to see if I've been wearing the right size (generally I've found the ones that I tend to choose are around sizes 36B-38B, although lately they've been kind of tight).  Now I'm super confused.  According to this and this sites' measuring method, I'd be a 38A-40A  O____o

Now I'm no expert in this field, but I was always under the impression that the bigger your boobies are, the bigger the letter (A, B, C, D, etc.) and looking down at mine they definitely don't strike me as an 'A'.  According to those two sites I linked above, it seems they're not basing the letter size (or I guess it's called the cup size) on the actual size of the breasts but rather on the difference between the circumference of the bust line  and the circumference right under the bust line.

So...does anyone know if this is the actual right way of measuring?  Or did I screw it up completely?
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