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A wonderful weekend in TO

First of all, thanks to everyone that commented on my last post, I'll go get an x-ray for the tooth and then decide what to do from there ^^ (luckily our school just had a referendum last year and it passed so now our health insurance covers dental fees :D)

Now, for the main update on what I've been up to lol.  I went to Toronto this past weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday) and I just came home last night.  It was awesome, I went to visit a high-school friend and we hung out and caught up on a lot of things.  It was so good to see her again, we went to the Eaton Centre, Centre Island, Chinatown and spent lots of time wandering downtown lol.  Neither of us really felt like cooking so everyday we ate out, the first day was Korean and Japanese food, the second day we had Vietnamese, the third was Chinese (Dim Sum in the morning and Peking Duck at night :D~~~) and the last day was leftovers XDD.  I didn't really take too many photos, but here's a few from when we went to Centre Island (my first time there, usually when I visited Toronto with my mom we'd always just go to the Pacific Mall, rarely did we venture downtown):


She's so pretty, she kept saying she needed to lose weight and I kept telling her she's fine. 

And here's someone that really DOES need to lose weight lol.  Can you imagine me before I lost that 20lbs??  I must've been huge x__X

You can sorta see the CN Tower in the background there between the trees.

We somehow ventured into Franklin's garden for kids XDD


On Sunday I also had brunch with shy_hinata .  We've been trying to get to see each other all this past year but we kept missing each other (when she's in Ottawa I've always got something going on and I didn't have time or money to head to Toronto) ^^;;  She had bought me a present from Japan when she visited there last year, and guess what it was?

THAT'S RIGHT!! I am now the proud owner of one of Kazuki's photobooks!!!!!!!!  YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!  Lol, it's the only piece of official material I actually have of him, everything else are just downloads, scans, what-not, hehe.  So pretty *O*  Interestingly enough, I went with shy_hinata in the morning for Dim Sum and coincidentally, me and my high school friend went back to that same restaurant in the evening for Peking Duck lol.  It was good to see her again, I love talking with [info]shy_hinata, she's such an easy person to talk to regardless of if it's just 'KYAA'-ing over tenimyu or the serious stuff that life likes tossing at you <3  She also took me to Hairy Tarantula, this manga bookstore, and of course I couldn't resist but buy a few volumes ^^;;  Not too bad though, nothing like my shopping sprees before x__X

Ah~  I wish I could have stayed longer, or just go more often, but Greyhound tickets, round-trip, to Toronto from Ottawa is $100 ;____;  I woke up this morning in my own little bed with no one beside me and all of a sudden I was like "dammit, should've just cancelled my volunteer shifts for this week, postponed my tutoring and stayed the week in Toronto".  If I had the time I also could've taken the bus down to London to see my mommy ;___;  I don't know, I don't consider myself a super-social person, but after having someone around for a few days it's hard to wake up to a completely silent room, thank goodness for my bunny.

Well, anyway, there's my weekend, short but super-fun.  Now it's just 2 more weeks to school starting, time to play around with that time-table again ^^;;  Oh, and my marks for my summer courses came in, B+ for Theories of Democracy and B for Economics of Developing Nations, YES!!
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