koneko_desu (koneko_desu) wrote,

Weight loss

The good news:  I have lost 20 lbs (approx. 9kg) from June until now (from 168lbs to 148lbs/76kg to 67kg when I weighed myself this morning)

The bad news:  my pants don't fit right anymore ;____;  although in a good way XDD  Instead of finding them harder to pull on and sit down in for once they're slipping off, especially when I'm walking.  Pulling up pants while walking with groceries in hand is a tricky task *nod*

Now back to your usual programming everyone~

[EDIT]:  Zombie Loan is a damn good anime, haven't watched something that's kept me waiting so impatiently for the next episode for awhile.  I am so thankful the main girl character isn't an annoying little thing that makes me want to smash my monitor everytime she appears, that would've ruined the whole show like how Relena ruined Gundam Wing >____<  For some reason I don't even mind imagining her (the main girl) with either Chika or Shito (the two main male leads)...though I'll admit I prefer they go with each other and she goes with Yomi for some girl/girl action, hehe.
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