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LJ = Pepsi's new advertising playgroun

Wow...just...wow.  LJ, you've really stooped to a new low this time.  Maybe they're trying to set a new record for how many times in a year they can stir up their users.  Aside from the previous TWO strikethrough incidents (which, the second one I might add, is still causing a ruckus) already this year, LJ's now Pepsi's newest corporate puppet.  Three new journal styles/themes based on Diet Pepsi Max?  AND a mood theme?  What is this?  The newest Pepsi Wonderland?  Not only that, check out these two puppet journals by either Pepsi reps trying to fool users and advertise their product OR two life forms lower than amoebas voluntarily acting as corporate advertising:

At least if it's the first they're getting paid, but if it's the second, oh boy, these two really need to get a life and maybe start with developing a few brain cells to differentiate themselves from amoebas.  Although if it IS the first, Pepsi really needs to start re-thinking their advertising strategies.  The first dude's some macho, racist pig trying to sound all gangsta and hip, and the second sounds like some ditsy Barbie-doll blonde (sorry to any blondes on my f-list) with her "Omg, why doesn't anyone want to be friends with me?  Oh but we should all just be happy happy happy people drinking Diet Pepsi Max~!!" -____-

I'll post some of their entries here, you be the judge.
Here's 2 posts quoted word for word from the first dude:
"Alright yo. Let me first tell you..I hate Asian crap. Those guys into Asian crap are all fat, basement dwelling virgins fapping to loli. The only thing worse than an Asian enthusiast are those people who go to Ren faires dressed like merlin and worship dead, heathen gods.

So when my bro was like "you gotta check this ginseng pepsi out" I was like "hold up! I don't do that ancient Chinese Secret crap" And he was like nah, try it. And my life has changed for the better! I've got the girl, I've got the skillz and I'm MAXing on life! I've reached Enlightenment. Carbonated Zen. Buddha didn't need to sit around to awaken! He needed a Pepsi MAX!

[My comment] Yeah way to go with the public relations there Pepsi, just insult your consumers, that'll get them to buy your stuff.  And the second one:

"so like I was sitting with my bros after Football Strategy class, drinking Pepsi MAX, when this one wigger walks by and knocks it over with his $400 pair of Nikes.  He then bitches me out because it got on his shoes and I was like "hell no!" so I picked up the half empty bottle and crammed it down his motherfucking throat.  He was all fight until the Pepsi MAX hit his taste buds, and he was like "damn, bro!  This is good shit!"  And all was cool."

[My comment] Uhh...right...yeah, ok, sure, I'm actually speechless at the stupidity of this.

And from ditsy Barbie-doll:
"I'm glad I'm not the only one talking about my favorite morning drink. When I log into LJ, I see advertisements about it all the time! I just wish LJ would have smiley faces like IM, then I would feel like I'm talking to my best friends all the time!

I'm worried that a lot of people don't like me because of my likes and that makes me sad. But! The only way to turn a frown into a smile is by knowing you have more than one bird in the bush! 

Some people think I'm not smart, so I'm here to tell you all something important. Pepsi cares a lot about people and I'm sad to think people think they don't. If you look here, you'll see a happy mother and her son sharing a bag of chips. But they're not any ordinary chips, they're what Pepsi calls the "Smart Spot" partnership. Why, by January 2008, Pepsi pledges to have 100 percent of all TV advertising geared to ages 12 and under to be Smart Spot compliant!

But what does this all mean? It means that Pepsi cares about kids. Especially since by age 12, they'll be smart enough to know that they should choose Pepsi Smart Spot products! Did you know that Pepsi is even helping the fight against AIDS and HIV

But all of that aside, this is why I always like to talk about Diet Pepsi Max. Pepsi has done the research! They know that when people yawn at work, it's contagious. I find this particular fact very gross: Nearly one in ten (9 percent) Americans has had a bug fly into their mouth while yawning.


I'll leave you with this important message:

“It's evident that Americans are tired and could use an extra kick to help get them through the day,” said Russell Weiner, VP, Colas, Pepsi-Cola North America. “Diet Pepsi MAX was designed to offer a great-tasting solution with a unique formula that invigorates the mind and body, preventing those ill-timed yawns from taking over.” 

He's so right! What do you think?

[My comment]
What do I think?  Where do I start?  First of all, aiming advertising at KIDS is immoral and unethical considering that kids have no ability to combat the billions of dollars these corporations spend to get attract them as consumers.  To think that it means "Pepsi cares about kids" is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of, all it means is that Pepsi wants these kids to become loyal consumers in order to get their money and their parents' money.  Corporations do not care about PEOPLE they care about PROFIT, their bottom line, that's IT. 

As for helping to fight against HIV/AIDS, you know what, if Pepsi really cared about the health of people they'd stop producing these disgusting drinks that have no health benefits what-so-ever and are contributing greatly to the obesity epidemic sweeping across the developed countries.

So there you have it folks, I really don't know what LJ's planning, I mean what kind of reaction were they predicting from their users?  "Ooh corporate advertising disguised as sponsors!! YAY!!!!"  Give us SOME credit LJ, SOME of your users have brains and CAN use them, unlike your decision-making staff these days it seems.
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