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LJ Strikethrough version 2.0, censorship ahoy!

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Ok...LJ drama is insane...seriously.  Remember the "LJ strikethrough 2007" that happened just a few months ago?  The one where some group calling themselves Warriors of Innocence (or something like that) reported a bunch of fandom communities and personal journals to the LJ Abuse Team and, based solely on the interests listed on these communities/journals' profile pages, the Abuse Team suspended the accounts?  Well I thought it was over after fandom rose up in arms over it accusing LJ of trampling on peoples' freedom of speech causing LJ to apologize (somewhat) and unsuspend most of the communities and journals.  Apparently I thought wrong.  For those that don't keep up with this community, take a look over on lj_biz , it seems that this time the LJ Abuse Team has suspended 2 personal accounts based on artwork posted by the users that LJ has said "lack artistic merit".  I haven't been keeping up with this apparent censorship scandal #2 as much as the first strikethrough, but reading some of the comments and lj's response it's making my head spin.  LJ's contradicting itself left and right seemingly determined to open mouth and insert both feet.  aura218 was kind enough to make a compilation of all the responses the LJ staff have made to inquiries made by users in the comments on the lj_biz post.  I must say, in comparison to the number of I think very legitimate questions users have put forth, the answers have been slow, insufficient, unsatisfactory and confusing with the staff contradicting not only each other but themselves from one answer to another.

Somewhat related to this, it seems that LJ staff has deemed the existence of a community which is pro-ana (anorexia) to be legitimate and perfectly fine under its Terms of Service (TOS).  This LJ staff member must have been under alcohol influence or something when he or she wrote in his or her response that "...it's not illegal to aspire to be thin. It's not against the ToS to give people bad advice".  Apparently LJ feels that telling and encouraging girls to starve themselves, force themselves to throw up and become trapped in a medical disorder is simply "bad advice".  With this in mind I dug around and was horrified to find the community proanorexia with over 11 000 members.

This is so messed up.  First of all, LJ stop crying wolf and suspending people for drawing FICTIONAL characters and start focusing on REAL people encouraging other REAL people to hurt themselves.  So what if the artwork was depicting Harry Potter in a explicit sexual situation with that creepy looking teacher?  So what if Harry's underage?  Get it through your goddamn thick skulls that the boy does not exist in real life and thus no one was hurt, violated or abused in the creation of that artwork (not to mention the artist had initially stated that in that particular piece of art Harry was of age and thus NOT a minor).  The existence of laws against child pornography is to protect REAL children from harm, not fictional beings.  The drawing (or writing) of stories and artwork depicting possibly illegal acts does not mean that the illustrator (or author) will engage in or even supports these acts, how hard is that to understand?  How much simpler must we spell it out for you oh mighty LJ staff?

For chrissakes just leave us alone and let us do our things.  If we break the law whether due to influence by a community or not then our local police will handle it ok?  Even if in the most optimistic view you do manage to ban all the pedos (the real ones, not artists and writers) on LJ so what?  They'll find some other way to converge, they'll still target children, and guess what, that's why every year, in every country in the world devotes a certain percentage of their budget to train and hire these people called police officers.  Suspending artists aren't going to make them stop drawing, suspending authors aren't going to stop them from writing, suspending pedos I dare say won't be stopping them from their desires either and unfortunately, with communities like proanorexia , suspending it more than likely won't cause many of the girls on there to stop or seek help.  Leave the law-enforcing to those qualified for the job and leave the judging for those occupying the judges' chair in the courtrooms, you guys run an internet blog, a journal, a community, a means for people to discuss and debate whatever they want with as minimal censorship as you can possibly manage.  Stop the double standards, stop the contradictions, stop the patronizing and leave fandom alone. 
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