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Moving fiasco, finally DONE

Whew, after almost 2 weeks without internet I'm finally getting it back tomorrow (Thursday).  My mom came to Ottawa last week to help me move, and thank goodness she did.  Honestly if she hadn't come I don't know what we would've done.  Not only did she help us move our stuff in her car one trip after another, she also spent a fortune buying household things for us and I didn't even hear Angela say a word of thanks before my mom left. 

My mom arrived on Sunday July 29th and after oohing and aahing at all the souvenirs she bought for me from China we spent the 29th and 30th packing what was left of my stuff into boxes and large garbage bags.  On July 31st, the day we had to move out of the apartment, me and my mom finished the last of my packing in the morning and headed to the Museum of Civilization so my mom could check out their summer exhibition "Treasures of China" which is where I'm volunteering at.  We had told Angela the day before, July 30th, that there were still a ton of packing to do especially on her side and especially in the kitchen so she said she'll skip her class on the 31st and finish packing (she was suppose to go to work in the morning and have a class in the afternoon which left 2 hours for her to finish packing if she went to class since her class ends at 6pm and the moving people were scheduled to show up at 8pm).  While I was in the museum Angela called me and told me she was going to go to her class anyway and her friend Xin (whose apartment we were going to leave our stuff in overnight until we can get our keys to the new apartment on the morning of Aug. 1st) would come over to help her finish packing.  She then proceeded to ask me if I had finished packing everything in the kitchen and after scoffing in my head that yeah right I would pack all her junk too I told her no I just packed all of my stuff.  We hung around the museum a bit longer then headed back since later that afternoon, Jackie and her b/f Mike came back from their new apartment to help clean the kitchen since that was the one area all of us shared (Jackie and Mike had their own washroom in their room so me and Angela shared the other washroom). 

When we got home, Angela was there with Xin packing, apparently Angela didn't attend her class in the end and she had come back after her job in the morning and lunch with Xin.  Even so, by the time Jackie and Mike arrived all of Angela's stuff were still in the fridge and they asked Angela to pack the stuff in the kitchen first before she finished the stuff in her room since then they can at least get started with cleaning the kitchen.  By this time me, my mom and Xin had started to take boxes and bags of stuff down to my mom's car so we can load up the stuff that'll fit and take it to Xin's place.  After attempting to argue with Jackie and Mike, Angela finally conceded and started getting her things out of the kitchen while me, my mom and Xin kept loading the car.  So basically for the rest of that night, the three of us made 2 or 3 trips from our old apartment to Xin's lugging stuff into Xin's place while Angela, Jackie, Mike and our friend Cat who showed up later cleaned the old apartment.  The moving people showed up and even by then Angela still wasn't quite finished packing all her little knick-knacks and had to hurry and shove everything into boxes...which come to think of it most of which was brought over by my mom anyway since the moving people's little trailer didn't fit it all, the only things that we really used their trailer for were the big furniture that my mom's car couldn't fit...

After our final trip and the moving people had drove their trailer to the visitor parking of our new apartment to park over-night me, Angela, Jackie, Mike, my mom, Cat and Xin all gathered at our old apartment for the post-move-out inspection and to give back our keys (by this time it was like, 10 or 11pm).  The whole time Angela kept complaining about how she had to clean the washroom and how tired she was.  Well no sh*t Einstein, if you didn't leave everything 'till the last minute it wouldn't have been so rushed.  What pissed me off the most was that everyone was tired, our group from lugging boxes and bags to and fro and their group from scrubbing and cleaning, yet no one else said a word about being tired, she was the only one whining and complaining.  I mean Cat, Xin and my mom didn't even HAVE to help with anything yet here was Cat taking the time after working all day to come help clean and Xin letting us use her place as a storage room all night while getting dragged by Angela to help us move.  Xin had a cold that day too, I felt so bad for her.

So that night me, my mom and Angela stayed at Xin's place and in the morning (August 1st now) the moving people came back to move our stuff into our new apartment.  Unfortunately, the previous tenants of that apartment had also just moved out on the 31st, so they didn't have time to clean anything yet and the carpet was still pretty dirty and a few pieces of furniture were still there.  Luckily the office people managed to get the old furniture moved out fairly quickly and the carpet cleaning guy came fairly fast too, thank goodness.  On one of our trips to the office Angela said to me something to the effect that I was lucky since I was just moving boxes and bags while she had to stay in the apartment and listen to Jackie and Mike nag at her to help clean.  I was like wtf dude??  First of all, do you think it's EASY lugging all that stuff and trying to shove it into a tiny car then having to make trip after trip and then unload it all (not to mention it was so hot those few days, I think the temperature were in the high 20's celsius)?  And second of all, Jackie and Mike shouldn't have even HAD to nag at you to clean, you should've been doing it anyway!!  What, did you think while we're all doing stuff you'd just be sitting there sipping lemonade or something?

Since it was still early (the moving people came around 7am and it took around an hour and a half to get our stuff out of their trailer) and I didn't have class that day until 1pm me and my mom drove to a nearby WalMart to buy some household stuff since in our old apartment a lot of the stuff, especially in the kitchen, were Jackie's and Mike's (pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery organizers, dish drying racks, water filters, etc., etc.) including a computer desk for me.  After we got back home, I headed off to class while my mom began to slowly get my room organized.  When I got home that night after my classes, my mom had moved all of my big furniture (2 bookshelves, 1 dresser, 1 minifridge) into my room already and had gotten some of the boxes and bags from Xin's apartment to unpack (we're on the 17th floor and Xin's on the 8th).  Angela's stuff were still jammed into the kitchen and balcony/sunroom since she insisted that the carpet still wasn't clean enough and wanted the office to replace it.  My mom had dealt with replacing carpets before since she had to re-carpet our house and she knew that, one, there was no way the office would comply now that we've signed the lease already, and two, even if the office was willing re-carpeting would take days and there was no way we had that much time to spare when all our stuff was already jammed into the apartment.  Well whatever, me and my mom did some unpacking and Angela spent the night in Xin's apartment again.

From August 1st until my mom left on Sunday night (August 5th) everyday me and my mom did some unpacking and then went shopping for things we needed around the apartment and each time my mom spent several hundred dollars.  I felt so awful, especially since I knew Angela wouldn't appreciate all my mom's done at all ;___;  On one of the nights Angela came huffing into the apartment claiming she was going to clean the balcony/sunroom.  My mom had put some of our empty boxes in there and Angela insisted to moving them into the storage room.  My mom told her to leave the boxes where they were since the storage room was full with other boxes and bags and Angela actually had the galls to start arguing with my mom WHILE using MY vacuum cleaner to vacuum her room (the living room) and MY broom to sweep the balcony/sunroom.  I could hear her banging the vacuum against the wall as she vacuumed and I was thinking to myself like seriously dude, wtf, you're arguing with MY mom while using/abusing MY stuff after all the stuff my mom's done to help US move...she had no obligation to help YOU with ANY of this moving, she's not you're mom D=

So basically that was the moving nightmare.  Even today Angela's stuff are still in her boxes and garbage bags tossed in the kitchen, balcony, storage and her closet.  The only thing she's gotten set up is her bed, her desk and her computer, and she's already invited Xin over to hang out several times.  Like seriously, clean up before you're going to have friends come over.  My room's basically all set, all my stuff are unpacked, my bunny's settled in (kept him at Cat's place for 2 nights while we moved, Cat's really taken a liking to him hehe <3) and my new bed arrived yesterday.  The only thing is that since we're on the 17th floor it gets pretty hot during the day >____<  But whatever, it's August already, at most it'll be hot a few more days before it cools down, we are in Canada after all hehe.

I felt like through this whole moving ordeal Angela didn't do anything.  She was suppose to book the elevator at our new apartment for our moving day, but in the end we had to change the time and she apparently couldn't spare five minutes to make a phone call and change the reservation so I had to.  I had to book the elevator at our old apartment too for us to use as we moved out and since it was 8pm which was technically later than what they allowed for people to move out (for fear of the noise disturbing other tenants) I had to seek out the manager.  I had to book the moving company then cancel them since they couldn't store our stuff over-night in their truck, and Angela wanted to use the amateur movers she found on some Chinese forum since they were less expensive and willing to let us use their truck over-night, well that was fine except since they only had a little trailer we couldn't fit everything in there and my mom had to make up for that using her car and use Xin's place as storage.  Yeah really worth saving those few bucks.  Then with the internet, at first Angela wanted to go with Rogers since they have that promotion where if you add one service you get 5% off and if you add 2 you get 10% off and so on and their monthly download limit is higher than Bell's.  She wanted to get the internet, cable tv, and switch her cell phone to Rogers so then we'd get 10% off the internet for all 3 of us and she'd also get 10% off her cable and cell phone bills.  Well I talked to her a few days ago and oh oh, what do you know, she doesn't have time AGAIN to go get the account set up with Rogers.  So during one of my excursions with my mom I went and set up the appointment with Rogers for them to come install our internet.

Basically now all that's missing in our new place is a microwave and possibly a dining room table that Angela wants to get so if we have friends over we don't need to eat in someone's room and can have a table to all sit around, everything else my mom's bought for us.  My mom even offered to buy the microwave since they're really not that expensive, but nope, again Angela wants to save a few bucks and get one second-hand.  Thus far I haven't seen her make a move to buy either pieces of furniture, and she's leaving for China on the 13th.  She's got an exam later today and one on Friday like me, so I'm wondering if she's expecting me to wait until she comes back at the beginning of September to use a microwave again, and that's IF she can find one for sale on that Chinese forum she seems so fond of.  I've noticed as a student a microwave's pretty handy since left-overs can last quite a few days sometimes.

After all this I have to say my opinion of Angela's dropped quite a few degrees, even more-so than before with all her noise and door-banging.  Some people make great friends but if you want that friendship to last better make sure you don't become roommates x___X

Well at least we're done moving, that was the most horrid move I've ever experienced >___<  Seriously, there's so many people I want to scream at after this whole ordeal, and a few I wouldn't mind throwing a few punches at.  I'm using the school's computer right now, but after I get my own set up tomorrow I'll take some photos of my new room and post them up.  The room's not that big, but hey at least I've got a door this time.

So anyway, onto happier stuff.  I was soooooo happy mommy came, just to see her again, and talk to her, nice to be around a grown-up again after hanging out with a bunch of university students all year 'round, some of whom were awesome but others...not so much.  I actually cried the night she left because I missed her ;___; and I felt like she had just come, rushed through helping with the move, emptied her bank account on me -again- (except this time it was even to buy stuff I'll be using exclusively) and then had to rush back home to go back to work. Makes me feel awful...one of these days I'll make lots of money and at least attempt to repay her!!  *Nod* Yes I will. 

University's like this little bubble, this little world inside the outside world, sometimes I really like it, sometimes I can't stand it.  I know I'll probably look back on these times with great nostalgia one day but right now, looking at my stack of notes to study for my exam later I really don't want to be here haha.  I woke up this morning and stared at my bunny for a good 5 minutes willing that we could change places just for today XD  Yeah...didn't really happen, oh well, just got to make it through today and Friday then no more books until...school starts in September again D:

So how's everyone else been these 2 weeks?  Better than me I hope?
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