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Ooh been awhile since I last updated.  August 1st is our moving date and it just happened to coincide with the last day of class ;___;  Anyway, the internet and home phone's going to be out by this Friday (July 17th)so for anyone trying to get in touch please call my cell phone ne?  If you don't know my cell phone number and would like it shoot me an email (bombaykitty@hotmail.com).  I'll probably use the school's internet to check my email once or twice a week until the internet's set up in our new place, so if it's not something super-urgent you can also email me.  Doubt there'll be anything super-important from anyone.  Mom's going to come on Sunday, can't wait to see her :D  Can't wait to see all the stuff she brought from China for me hehe XD

One more month before school starts again in September for the fall semester...whew this summer went by pretty fast - tedious, but fast.  Anyone getting to the stage where they're looking forward to starting school again yet?  Probably still a bit early for that ^^;;  Well anyway, hope everyone's still enjoying the summer and having fun~
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