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Random update...happier days are in sight~

So moving in a few weeks, so much stuff to do.  My roommate Jackie and her boyfriend have been gradually moving their stuff into their new apartment throughout this month (they signed their lease at their new apartment starting in June) and yesterday they took my bed and computer desk over, they've been loaning them to me for this year (actually it was cuz they were kind of old but Michael didn't really want to throw them out so they asked if I wanted to use it for the year and I figured why not).  Therefore, I've had to do a little rearranging in my room and actually I've found even that little change in "scenery" has helped my mood a bit.  After sleeping on that soft bed for almost a year now I'm on the floor and I'm finding myself really enjoying the change, feels less....pampered this way...though I mean I've still got everything else, but hey, anything counts.

Anyway, got some photos of my "new" room, plus a few more of my bunny and one of myself just for fun:


The dresser and bunny cage are still in their old spots.  Lots of stuff for the bunny, food, bedding, air freshners, mini-fan, those giant play-balls you can put him in so he can wander around the apartment (that's that giant purple ball in front of the cage).

Beside the dresser it's a bunch of boxes now instead of the filing cabinet, then the mini-fridge and then my shelf.  I've got way too much stuff.  In the bottom left corner you can see the blankets that now make up my "bed"

My "bed" futon thing.  It's just a bunch of blankets on the floor, now mattress or box-spring or anything.  I really don't get why some people get so bent out of shape about sleeping on the floor, lots of cultures, especially historically all did that and I didn't hear about them dying from spine injuries or whatever left and right.  As a matter of fact I'd think sleeping on those soft, cotton-like mattresses these days are worse for the back then just a hard floor.

And right at the head of my "bed" is my computer monitor!  Hehe, don't even have to get up now to check emails and stuff, it's great XDD  And I moved my filing cabinet beside my computer to hold the telephone and stuff.  Lots of wires, need to go wireless or something.

Here's bunny, bored and possibly sleeping.  I've noticed bunnies have no eyelids, they don't blink regularly like humans and I don't think I've seen my bunny yet shutting his eyes to sleep or anything.  His eyes are always open at least a slit, anyone know more about this topic?  I'm beginning to think rabbits sleep with their eyes open.

I've been bringing my bunny out of the cage recently while I'm home and letting him run around on the leash.  Surprisingly, if he's on the floor and not on my bed he doesn't poopoo everywhere (unless he managed to hide it all in some corner waiting to bed found when I move all my stuff).

And one last photo of myself since I've noticed I haven't posted one for a long time now.  Don't mind that weird outfit, I bought this dress, it's actually a costume for the Queen of Hearts and unfortunately the dress part is super short, like any little breeze and up it goes, so I can't really wear it outside, so I have fun with it when I'm indoors lol.
*sigh* So much to do before the move.  Gotta pack all my junk, call the moving companies/truck rental companies to get rates and book times, call the new apartment about the move-in date, go to the office of the current apartment about the check out date, change the address for all my stuff (cell phone, university, telephone, internet, etc.) and on top of that keep up with classes, volunteer and tutoring.  WOOT.  Have a Marx summary due on Monday and a midterm on Wednesday, the fun just never stops around here eh?  Hehe, ah well.
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