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More ranting, bitching and venting...for no reason O___o

I've been so irritated lately for seemingly no reason >___<  Every little thing that doesn't go my way pisses me off which in turn pisses me off that I get pissed off so easily.  I don't know if it's the heat or what.  I look around my room everyday and upon seeing my computer, book shelf full of mangas and text books and all those other little things that just get tossed around I feel like I'm living in a garbage dump.  Angela, my roommate, pisses me off if I even see her face even though she hasn't really done anything lately.  When I eat meals, afterwards I feel like throwing up.

Wth is wrong with me lately...?!  Maybe it's cuz at the end of the month I have to move to the new apartment and there's so much crap to do before then.  Transfer the phone and internet over to the new address, book the moving van, blah blah blah.  Or maybe I need to get a job.  Not like, retail but something that's in my field, something in the government or related to the government.

I don't know, I feel like just diving under the covers and sleeping until...20 years later or something.  The more I go to class the more I feel like this world's completely a hopeless mess.  Everything's like a free-for-all, there's no rules or laws anymore.  Civilized my ass.  I hate Capitalist mentality.  Adam Smith and all you laissez-faire freaks I hope you're all burning in hell for coming up with such a retarded and psychotic idea, oh let's just let a few people get filthy rich and hope with crossed fingers that they'll find it in their hearts to let a few bucks trickle down and benefit the rest of society too~  .....YEAH F*CK YOU.

But then sometimes I think how I'd feel if the world was completely the other way.  Like it rains jellybeans and snows cotton candy.  That kind of a world would get pretty...tediously boring very quickly I'd think.  Can't we have something in the middle?!  Grrr.

*sigh*  Well, anyway, classes again today, better go get ready.  I have to say, my mood goes up everytime I go outside, maybe I just need a change of scenery...if that's the case it should get better once we move into the new apartment.
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