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Canada Day

Whew, ok, so I wanted to make the official Canada Day post after the fireworks show tonight and I just finally managed to get all the photos re-sized and uploaded about an hour after the show finished.  So finally;


For all my grumbling and bitching about you (mostly your crappy politicians) I still wouldn't choose anywhere else to live.  Wherever I go, I'll always look to your maple leaf with pride and your white and red flag will always hold a very, very special place in my heart.

Click below to download Canada's national anthem;
-in English
-in French
-both (alternating between the 2 languages)

-lyrics in English
-lyrics in French

-sheet music

I was going to post the photos from the fireworks show right here in this post, but I took over 90 photos and I'm too lazy to copy/paste the url into the "insert image" thingy over 90 times, so go here to log into my photobucket account as a guest using the password "bienvenue" and then click here for the album with all the photos of the fireworks after you've logged in.  Again, like the ones from last night, I took these photos from my window so there was the window screen in the way, not to mention trying to take photos of light at nighttime is quite a task, but I think they turned out ok, albeit blurry thanks to my unsteadiness.

And right now, right outside my window where Rideau St. passes (Rideau St. goes right in front of the Parliament buildings and is a main street downtown) there's a major traffic jam and people are honking horns and being drunk...thank god I live on the 18th floor.

Well then, I'm off to...well either sleep or watch something, I listened to O Canada for the whole fireworks show and now it's stuck in my head...so if I go to sleep now I'll probably dream O Canada or something @___@

G'night everyone, and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BELOVED CANADA!!!

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