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May 30th, 2007

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09:55 pm - The 7-day Plan
One of the main problems with any social movement is that it starts big then whimpers and fades into nothingness.  Everyone's pumped for a protest at first, but to keep pressuring those in power until they take action can take weeks, months, even years and decades.  The same goes for this current incident involving lj.  My personal fear is that if the lj team ignores the users long enough it'll blow over, people will lose steam and interest and everything will just continue.  Hence my joy when I found this post:

This person has listed out a 7-day action place from targeting lj sponsors to invading contacting local medias about lj's decision to infringe on our freedom to express and create.  Each day only involves one action that'll take perhaps 10 minutes at most but if even half the people on fandom_counts do it, the results would be massive.  I highly encourage you to take a read and even if you don't want to commit to all 7 days, doing just one or two will make a difference.  We live in a democracy and democracies are held up by the voice of the people.  Times like these are when the democratic process that so many in this world yearn for but cannot reach must be treasured and put into action.

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