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June 26th, 2005

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02:49 pm - Computer Crazy!!
ok, it's official, i've gone computer crazy >.< why u ask? well, the desktop that i have now is barely a year old and i've got plans to buy a new one this x-mas. the laptop that my mom bought which was initially going to be just for her personal use has been turned into a media centre, and there's cords everywhere!!

i was going to take the laptop back to china with me this summer so that as i film stuff using my camcorder, i can turn them into dvd's to free us tapes.

but then we (me and mom) realized that the laptop doesn't have nearly enough GB (free space) for movies, so we went out and bought an external hardrive of 120GB (that's 3 cords).

then we realized we needed a way to connect the camcorder to the laptop, so we had to go buy a 1394 port. then, the stupid laptop didn't have a dvd writer (had a reader, but no writer) so we just went out and bought an external DVD writer, that's 3 more cords.

but now i've realized, that i need more USB ports (the USB port is where all these external stuff hooks into the laptop) so i had to get a USB splitter.

add in the mouse for the laptop (also connected through an USB port) the adaptors to convert Canadian voltage into chinese, plus the blank DVD's i have to bring, the cords for the camcorder, the tapes, i'm starting to wonder if i'm going to China for sight-seeing or making movies O.O!!

my goodness ~-~ technology sure has taken off, now i just need a way to make all these cords and wires go away!
Current Mood: stressedstressed

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