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May 9th, 2007

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10:35 am - Dreams and Reality
I just had the strangest dream @___@  I dreamed that I was heating up some water in the microwave, and then after I tried pouring in some fruit mix (warm fruit juice?  Ew) but the water started talking and accusing me of trying to kill it with the fruit mix.  Apparently, according to the water, it was some kind of demon or something?  And then Mr. Demon made all the water in the house overflow, so there was a big mess and I had to clean it all up....x_____X  Wtf kind of dream is that?? WATER DEMONS!!!  KILLER FRUIT MIX!!!!   XDDD

Anyway, back to reality, I've gone to 2 French tutoring sessions and 3 English tutoring sessions (the French ones are someone tutoring me while the English one is me tutoring someone else).  For all of them we basically just talk about random things just to improve conversational skills.  The guy I'm tutoring is in his 40's, so I'm finding we're running out of conversational topics really fast ;_____;  Anyone got some suggestions? 

The 2 girls tutoring me in French are university students so lots to talk about with them.  It actually feels pretty good to get to use my French for once outside of the classroom.  I'm too afraid to use it with random strangers, but speaking it with someone who won't look at you like you just spoke Greek to them and then tell you they know English too is super good XDD  I'm finding I've forgotten a lot of words I learned in elementary/high school French classes, and I tend to throw verb tenses out the window when I speak :X  Hopefully by the end of the summer it'll have improved and I don't have to keep doing the "umm...uh....er....." thing.

Last Saturday and Thursday I went to an orientation/training session at the Museum of Civilizaiton (I volunteered to help with their special exhibition of this summer "Treasures of China").  One of the people who gave a presentation on the history and culture of China was a retired Ottawa University professor.  The funny thing was though, he was in my CHN (Chinese) class for the semester of Fall 2006 as a student XDD   So when I saw him I kept mumbling to myself "he looks familiar, he looks familiar" and then when he started saying some Chinese names and stuff during his presentation I suddenly realized I knew him from Chinese class XDD  It was really interesting hearing about Chinese history and culture from a more western point of view, especially I think for the other Chinese kids there (they hired for volunteers from the Chinese community living in Ottawa, so a lot of them were international students from the universities).  Afterwards some of them told me that it was really refreshing, a lot of things they thought was just common knowledge about China they learned aren't so common over here lol.

It's getting hot here in Ottawa, yesterday it got into the high 20's (anything above a 25 Celsius is considered hot over here <_____<).  It's amazing how one or two degrees can make a day go from nice and breezy to sweaty and suffocating @____@
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Date:May 9th, 2007 05:32 pm (UTC)
That is the most strangest dream ever. Have you've been drinking (aka "killing") too much water lately?Ha *jokes*...anyways, that's really cool that you're volunteering at the museum...and about the english tutoring;try asking about his kids (if he has any); or use convo starters about his job, education, career, goals,etc.; as he is learning english, i'm assuming he doesn't have an extensive knowledge of it, so maybe sticking with neutral topics (ie. how would you ask/give directions to x?) and other everyday useful things could help.Take care-James
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Date:May 10th, 2007 03:06 am (UTC)
Yeah killer water XDD Maybe it's a prediction that there's too much chemicals and junk in our water, like it's becoming a killer!! *cue omnious music*

Thanks for the suggestions, whenever we talk we tend to drift onto the topic of China vs. Canada a lot, like cultural differences, economic differences, etc. and then that leads far too easily onto politics which not only needs all these special words but also is like walking on a landmine I feel like. Neutral topics is a super idea, I need to look some up...

How's it going over there?? Big plans for this summer? You should come down to Ottawa for Canada Day and stay a few days, it'll be exciting AND we can catch up on old times. Liz B. recently contacted me on facebook, omg I haven't seen any of you for soooooo long ;_____; I miss you guys a lot, a lot, a lot. I also want to go visit Montcalm and our teachers too, but that's kind of hard seeing as I'm almost never back in London anymore. Maybe I should write them letters....hmm....anyway, hope your summer's going well!! ^O^
Date:May 10th, 2007 06:13 am (UTC)
Totally, that'd be a great idea. Unfortunately,I'm takign summer courses right up until the end of July, and my exam fals on the 2nd of July,so I gues that's out of the question. I really want to come and see you,but it'd probably have to wait until August...we can look into that a bit later.Yeah,I've been having difficulty maintaining contact with everyone in London,but it'd be great to all have aget together just like old times.If you ever happen to come to Montreal again,tell me and you got a place to stay (If you don't already have one lol).-James

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