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Night at the Casinos

Whoo, what a night.  Today was my friend Cat's birthday and so me along with roomies Jackie and Angela and another friend of Cat's hauled our asses down across the river into Hull for a dinner at the Casino.  I've never been in a casino before so the only impressions I've had of them comes from movies and such.  It was so...sparkly in there lol.  There were flashing lights everywhere, people playing black jack, slots and whatever else games they play at casinos.  Jackie and Cat tried their hand at a few slots and came out with a few extra bucks, I think we were the only group in there that became excited over winning 25 cents XDDD

At the dinner we ate at the buffet, so we all took our time, waiting for the food to digest before going back for plate after plate.  We took so many pictures since me, Jackie and Cat all brought cameras, our waiter joked that he didn't even see so many flashes of light in a Celine Dion concert XDDD (Celine Dion's a famous Canadian singer).  I'll post some of my photos later, I think our corner was the loudest one but then what can you expect when 5 university girls get together hehe.

Ah good times.  This coming Sunday I have my last exam (macroeconomics, ugh) and then after that I'm out for the summer~  Although it'll be a busy summer, it'll still be good to get a break from the school year.  I have to say, I haven't felt this happy with life since grade 9, sure the days still have their ups and downs, but overall the days are looking brighter.

Wish all of you on my f-list the best as well~  For those finishing up exams like myself good luck!!
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