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Gun control in America

Discussion on the Virginia Tech shooting on Monday spread like wildfire across the net as soon as the news was heard.  On websites like Facebook condolences and grievances flooded various groups set up in tribute of this horrific event.  Needless to say, the issue of gun control was the hotbed of discussion once more.  Instead of discussing the need for America to possibly ban guns from private home ownership, however, if you click on that link I provided above and scroll to the bottom you'll read this quote posted by someone on facebook:

" 'Maybe if some of those kids in the classroom had a gun and knew how to use it could defend themselves less people would have died,' wrote Jessica Cowles on Facebook."

Um....what??  Yes that's the solution to shootings, give people more guns to play with, that's brilliance I say!!  Would you really feel safer in a classroom of say 200 people if even half of them all carried guns?  That's ludicrous!!  Even if you did have a gun yourself, if 100 people were playing trigger-happy, can you really defend yourself?  More than likely they'd be so panicked in such a situation as the shooting on Monday that they'd be firing their guns every which way and shooting dozens more innocent students, I would guess instead of 33 dead we'd be dealing with triple digit casualty numbers.  What kind of pathetic and delusional idea is that to drop into every person's hand a gun???  What kind of civilization do we live in if it becomes necessary for every person to own a gun in order to feel safe?  I thought the entire concept of HAVING a society and special law-enforcement personnels was precisely so that we don't each individually need to consistently worry about personal safety.

America, you never fail in making me want to smash my head against a wall...or desk...or something hard.

[EDIT]:  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though this opinion regarding guns is limited to a bimbo or two on facebook.
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