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Alright!!  Here's the long awaited recipe that some of you asked for ^-^ (FINALLY!!! Yes I know, I can win an Olympic gold medal for my procrastination skills).

Jian Bing/煎饼果子
Ingredients list:
1cup all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon of melted butter/ margarine/ oil
½ cup milk
½ cup water

- green onion (chopped)
- eggs
- oil
- 甜面酱/ TianMianJiang/ Sweet Noodle Sauce (there's a variety of brands at any Asian/Chinese grocery store)
- chilli sauce (preferable a Chinese type)
- 油条/ YouTia/ Chinese Crullers (you should be able to buy these at any major Asian grocery store that has a bakery section.  If not, you can try making your own following this recipe here)

Step 1:
Mix the flour, butter/ margarine/ oil, milk, and water together until smooth.

Step 2:
In a small pan, heat some oil.

Step 3:
Once oil is heated, throw in half a handful of chopped green onions.  Fry for about 30 seconds, then put in several spoonfuls of the Sweet Noodle Sauce.  Fry for another 30seconds - 1 minute.

Step 4:
Add some water, and stir well into the sauce to thin it out.

Step 5:
Pour the sauce out into a small bowl or container.

Step 6:
In the same pan (you don't even need to wash it :D), throw in a few spoonfuls of the chilli sauce and cook for 1 - 2 minutes adding some water to it like with the previous sauce.  Pour into a bowl once you feel it is ready (this is just to thin out the tastes of the two sauces, as well as to thin them out a bit).

Step 7:
In another pan, line the bottom with just a tiny bit of oil to prevent sticking  (the best way to do this is to pour some oil into the pan and then using a paper towel spread it around while soaking up the extra, you only need a thin, thin layer).

Step 8:
Turn fire to medium heat, wait until the pan is heated then pour the flour mix into the pan.  How much you use each time depends on the size of your pan and how big you want your JianBing to end up.

Step 9:
Tilt the pan in a circle slowly to allow the flour mixture to coat the bottom. 

NOTE:  When the mixture is being spread around the pan, look at the edges to determine if the mixture is too thick or thin.  The edges should be a solid line, if you look at the one in my picture below, you'll notice that the edges seem really thin (especially on the right side), you can see the bottom of the pan through it.  This will cause the mixture to stick to the pan, even if you used oil, so that when you try to flip it later there's a good chance it'll break on you. 

If the mixture is too thick it'll take a loooong time for the mixture to spread around the pan and if your pan's big like mine it gets cooked before it has a chance to make a nice, thin layer.  

The perfect mixture will spread easily around the pan yet leaving behind a crisp and solid edge which will curl upwards slightly as it gets cooked, making it easier to slide a spatula under it to flip later on.

Don't try and fix it immediately if you find your mixture is either too thick or thin as the next step needs to be done before the food starts burning, but after everything is done adjust the amount of flour<->water for the next one.  It takes a bit of practice to see if the mixture is just right, usually I use the first one as just a test drive just to try out the mixture, so don't despair, you'll get the hang of it after doing this once or twice.

Step 10:
Wait 20-40 seconds then crack an egg on top.

Step 11:
Spread the egg around using a spatula or the back of a spoon.  If parts of the egg falls off the flour mixture and makes direct contact with the pan that's ok, just pay attention to that part and be careful it doesn't burn.

Step 12:
Sprinkle some green onions on top.

Step 13:
Wait 1-2 minutes until the egg has more or less solidified and then using a spatula flip the entire thing over (careful, sometimes the green onions have a habit of flying off or bits of the egg that hasn't quite solidified splattering elsewhere).

NOTE:  As I mentioned in step 9 regarding the thickness and/or thinness of the flour mixture, if you look at the picture below, you will notice that the edge is a solid line, unlike in the photos above where the bottom of the pan can be seen through the mixture (especially in the top right corner area), that's the end result you want to achieve (the one I tried making above stuck to the pan and when I tried to flip it it kind of went haywire on me, so the photos below are from the second one I made after adjusting the flour mixture)

Step 14:
Using the back of a spoon spread the 2 sauces onto the surface in a thin layer (sorry the pic is so crappy, I accidentally resized it too much).

Step 15:
Take the YouTiao/ Chinese Crullers and lay them on top.  I broke mine in half because my pan's too small to fit a whole one.

Step 16:
Fold the two sides over the YouTia/ Cruller

Step 17:
Use the spatula and chop it down the middle horizontally, then fold it over.

BON APETITE~!!  If you want to see more photos of how it's done look on this website here (warning it's all in Chinese though, but great photos).  Usually with this recipe you can make around 4-6 of these things.
If anyone tries this let me know how they turn out!!  Once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy, and you can try other stuff too.  My roommate likes putting some sesame seeds along with the green onions on top of the eggs.  I've tried putting chicken meet instead of the YouTiao/ Crullers inside and it tasted pretty good (you know those BBQ chicken you can get already cooked at the grocery stores?  And by the end there's just a bit of meat left on the bones?  Yeah that's the stuff I used).  Have fun!!
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