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Stupid menstrual cycle (aka period)

If the subject line didn't warn you enough, let me warn you again, this post's about menstrual cycles.  In less technical terms it's about periods...the kind that females have....mine to be precise.

Ok, so here's the deal.  My last regular period was in either September or October 2007 (regular meaning around the 20th of the month and lasting exactly 7 days...they ALWAYS last 7 days the annoying little things).  November and December (and possibly October too) I didn't get it, but I didn't realize it until mid-December.  When it comes only once a month sometimes it's easy to forget if you had it already or not.  Since I realized in mid-December it's been awhile since I've had to wear that itchy and uncomfortable pad on my underwear, I waited until the end of the month and lo-and-behold it didn't come.  Then in January, I went to see a doctor about some itchiness I was feeling in that private area down there and the doctor gave me this cream to put on it once a day.  I did that for about a week and the itchiness went away and amazingly my period came too, but only for 4 days and at the beginning of the month instead of around the 20th.  I figured it's just getting back into the swing of things and by next month everything'd be back to normal again, but now it's April and it didn't come for February or March. 

I've stopped using the cream since the itchiness is gone, and I don't feel anything wrong.  My body has not suddenly gained a ton of weight or lost a ton of it, my moods aren't swinging like crazy (no more than usual anyway), I don't feel uncomfortable anywhere, and I'm not stressed anymore than usual.  As a matter of fact with my recent push to get more involved and invest more effort in making new friends I've actually been feeling better than I have for awhile.  I told my roommate and she said I should go get it checked out, but since I'm not itching for babies (now or ever) and aside from the fact that there's no red stuff oozing out of me for a week every month nothing else has been abnormal I haven't really been motivated to make that doctor's appointment (actually I figured it'd be better for the environment if I don't get it and save on the pads not to mention the money, the discomfort, the smell, the messiness, the stained underwear, you get the idea).

Any doctors amongst my readers?  Any suggestions/thoughts/opinions/your own period stories to share?  Oh and please don't suggest I'm pregnant, I've never had sex and haven't been raped, so unless I'm like, the virgin Mary or something I'm not pregnant <____<
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