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The Tenimyu Adventure

Wow....wow.....OMG WOW!!!! Rikkai myu came out today and despite a tiny little urge to download just for the sake of having a complete collection I have no urge to watch it what-so-ever!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!! This hasn't happened since....well...since 2005 when I first got into Tenimyu!!!!  Although I admit I haven't watched Rokkaku myu either, just Atobe/Kazuki's shower scene.  And I didn't download the photosets or pamphlets or anything, I really think this Tenimyu thing is gone!! THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!  I have to say I'm relieved, no more getting overwhelmed with all the scans I need to collect, no more scrambling everyday to check lj in case I missed either a video clip of an interview or a translation of an article on the actors or whatever!!!!  Obsessions can be fun, but they're tiring and tedious too @____@  Even the news that most of Hyotei's back for DL4 didn't get me worked up (probably cuz Kazuki's not in it XD).

Tenimyu 1 - Winter Dreamlive 3/a bit of Rokkaku, just for Hyotei....my adventure into the sparkly, ghei, hilarious world of Tenimyu.  Thanks bois for two and a half years of laughter.  If it wasn't for you guys giving me a pick-me-up all those nights when my thoughts went into politics overdrive I'd be insane by now.
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