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April 1st, 2007

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03:09 am - AFD
Happy April Fool's Day guys, be on the look out for those little tricksters amongst us =3

[EDIT]:  Yay got my application in for volunteering for the 2008 Olympics, and no this isn't an April Fool's day joke.  I really really hope I get accepted *-*
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Date:April 2nd, 2007 11:30 am (UTC)
yaaaaaaay congratssssss hahahahahaha XDDD
omg mengya i miss you so much haha.. there is no one here for me to talk to about the weird assortment of topics we used to talk about during otaku time i.e. ranting about politics and boys and fangirling french-mandarin tutoring >_> hahaha..
durr i hope harper doesn't call an election!? so hard for me to vote from here..
harper's going to vimy for easter.. i'm trying to get there too, but it's looking a little impossible right now -_-.
how are you doing??? :D
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Date:April 2nd, 2007 06:44 pm (UTC)
Waah~ I miss you too!! I've only found one other friend who's in the PoliSci field and she's not proud to be a PoliSci nerd!!! plus she doesn't like anime ;____;

You're going to be back by September right? I haven't heard of any news of an election, so if there is going to be one I don't think it'll take place before summer (hey they need time to throw millions of dollars away on useless campaigning and mud-throwing), but the USA elections campaigns are heating up!! Have you been following the candidates on that one? I wonder if Hillary C.'s actually going to win....can't decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing :\

Anyway, a bunch of stuff's been happening for me lately, and this summer I've got a bunch of things planned, the french tutor thing, volunteering at the Museum of Civilization, want to get my G2, and taking 2 or 3 summer courses. Right now though I'm trying to finish an ENV report and just psyching myself up for *cue drumroll* EXAMS!!!! OH!! And I've learned to cook a bunch of really good dishes!! So when you come back in September you can come-over and I can cook for you without having to worry you'll get food poisoning!!! (I've tested them all out on my roomies already XDDD).

I can't wait for you to get back and we can hang out again. Oh btw, did you want to sign up for the Olympics thing? I can send you the website and maybe we can both be heading to Beijing in summer 2008 =^O^=
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Date:April 2nd, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
omg not proud to be a polisci nerd!! she needs to be excommunicated LOL

omg of course i'll be back in september.. unless i want to delay my graduation by a couple of decades.. or drive myself crazy from "depression" caused by homesickness lol.. i heard harper is psyching the tories for a spring election; all members of the opposition are getting ready for one too, though they don't want one.. and lol i don't follow us politics; i only follow canadian and some international (obviously.. given my nationality and my program.. lol)

hahahahaha it's good that you've learned to cook some fab food! i can't wait to come back and try hahaa.. omg anime/otaku nights with food *___*.. *DREAM COME TRUE* LOL jks.. but yeah that would be pretty sweet. you could come over to my place too, though i definitely lack any sort of anime paraphernalia for you to peruse..

good luck on your exams and summer plans!! haha.. i'll be in school... until mid-june, then exams.. but i don't seem to have a lot of exams, so.. maybe running around europe a little ..
lol g2.. i gave up my driver's license.. i'll have to start all over again later. the volunteering at the cmc sounds great though! haha.. so much fun.. man, why is all this cool stuff happening while i'm away?!
the only good thing that'll happen while i'm here is the vimy rededication, and i'm not even sure i'll be able to go to that. -__-.. although.. harper will be there... LOL

i can't wait till i get back either.. while i like it here, canada is definitely better, and i really really miss it like crazy.. i was so emo the first week of school i thought i was gonna die.. or at the very least throw in the towel and come home.

i don't think i can sign up for the olympics thing, considering my knowledge of chinese is next to nil, and i need to be working to save money for lawschool.. >_>
but as it stands it doesn't look like i'll be graduating next year, thanks to uottawa's crapass selection and registration system.. and my exchange, of course.
and my brother's wedding is next summer so i can't be away lol.. so yeah. i need to be earning moolah next summer.. can't spend. :P. best case scenario is earning moolah with a bachelor degree = higher salary? lol. urg. well, we'll see how it goes.. but i don't think going to beijing will be a part of the plans :(.
Date:April 2nd, 2007 04:03 pm (UTC)
good luck!
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Date:April 3rd, 2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
I'm laying in bed with Kazuki right now, he sleeps so peacefully... and holy crap he's good in bed, almost as good as Zhan Zhao, but he liked to talk more dirty, Zakuki was all hardcore with it

Seriosuly though, congrats and I hope you get in to the Olympic thingy. Maybe you can videotape a documentary in the boy's dressing room!?

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