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Bell putting caps on downloading - Welcome...

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December 2nd, 2006

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03:17 pm - Bell putting caps on downloading
For those of you using BELL SYMPATICO as an internet provider, this will prove interesting.  It appears that starting December 3rd of this year, Bell is placing limitations on how much you can download:
<--read the second post (made by the Administrator)

This is their new plan;
"High speed and Ultra:
30GB free bandwidth (45GB Ultra)
$1.50/GB of overage

Basic :
2GB free bandwidth
$7.50/GB of overage

Basic lite:
1GB free bandwidth
$10.00/GB of overage"

Although they say that thus far, there are no plans to implement these policies on current costumers, the general consensus amongst most is that within a few months, these policies will be enforced upon all customers, new or old.  So if you're using Sympatico, I suggest you register on that forum (all you need is your Sympatico ID, as long as you're a Bell customer you can register since it's a Bell forum) and let them know the customers aren't too happy about their new "improvement".

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