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China's human right issues - Welcome...

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November 17th, 2006

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12:59 am - China's human right issues
Reading through the comments here regarding this week's controversy over Canada and China's relations, I can only shake my head.  For those that haven't been following, both Canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, and China's president, Hu JinTao, are attending an international summit.  Issues of China's human rights violations caused tension between the two nations, especially in the area of trade agreements.

Ok, here's my take on this.  Remember though, I'm Chinese, and therefore biased towards this issue (well I'm Canadian, but whatever).

First off, point to me on single nation on this planet that isn't in violation of some type of human rights violation.  Torture?  Let me direct your attention to our wonderful neighbours south of the border.  Yes China's had a history of using the torture mechanism in interrogations, yes it's caused a slew of problems, as the saying goes, 三木齐下,何求不得 ("under torture, what can't one obtain?" in reference to forced confessions),   but at least China doesn't hide it under a guise of freedom and liberty.  China's still in the process of development, what was Canada like during that development process?  What was the USA like?  Did they have Amnesty International raging at the forefront for human rights back then?  Human rights only became an issue in the west AFTER a certain point of development was reached.  Even still, all this talk of human rights is directly in contradiction to these western societies' Capitalistic economies.  How can you put humans at the top of the priorities list when capitalism forces you to put money in that spot?  Socialism doesn't work?  Of course not in this capitalistic-driven world today!  How much harder is it to take into consideration the needs of every single person in your nation and try to fulfill them as best as one could in comparison to just letting the rich get richer by exploiting the poor? 

How many of China's problems today are caused due entirely to following the path of capitalism?  Selling blood and organs for money, which led to the spread of AIDS.  Privatization of healthcare and school to the point that the poor can't afford it anymore.  Prostitution and drug use spreading through the populations.  Did ANY of these problems exist when China was under complete Communist rule back during the days of Mao?  NO!  Why?  Because Mao's era of leaders taught the people that money isn't the most important thing.  Humans are.  Did Mao and his followers make a lot of mistakes?  Yes!  Did the Great Leap Forward kill a lot of people?  Hell yes!  But they gave kids education, regardless of their gender.  They provided public healthcare to every single person that needed it.  Prostitution and drug use was basically annihilated.  The selling of any part of the body under Chinese tradition would be seen as almost blasphemous, not even considered an option, but now for money, all of those traditions are forgotten.  Now those NGO's point their fingers at China for having the fastest spreading AIDS phenomenon due to using unsanitary needles in the selling of blood.  Who's to blame?!  The West wanted China to capitalize right?  They blamed the Communist government for being oppressive and undemocratic.  They wanted China to open their markets right?  And now once China's gone the capitalistic route, they blame it for the consequences Capitalism's brought.  Well what the heck does the West really want from China then? 

China's population reaches 1,300,000,000 and Canada?  32,000,000.  So, which one's easier to maintain?  Which one is easier to increase the life style for?  Just take a look at the number of digits.  A family with $100 to split between 4 people, and a family with $75 to split between 160 people.  That's the kind of differences we're looking at when comparing Canada and China monetary wise.  The individuals of which family is richer?  Which family is easier to see to it that everyone is getting everything they need and has all he/she wants?

All these neo-liberal countries are constantly whining about the lack of success with development in 3rd world nations aren't they?  Open those blind eyes and take a look at the fastest growing economy in the world, and how they've managed to obtain that status.  It's certainly not by whimpering at the feet of the West and obeying each and every command like some broken puppy.  Human rights, human rights, which nation hosts the multinational corporations that infiltrate China's poorest populations to gather cheap labour so they can make insane amounts of profits?  You want human rights?  Then burn all the clothes that are Made in China in those closets in the West and throw out all your furniture and appliances too.  While you're at it Wal Mart might as well file for a bankruptcy application.

We're talking about the nation with one of the world's oldest civilization.  With thousands of years of history as backup, which country do you think China's really afraid of?!  Even at China's lowest time in history during the decades of war with the Japanese, the 8 countries from Europe joining together to fight again China, the Opium War, the burning of our gorgeous palaces, the Cultural Revolution, the Great Leap Forward, even through decades of that, China's still managed to stay standing strong and proud.  Even when knocked down for awhile, China's always made its way back onto its feet.  I may have lived in the West for much of my life, and because of that, I see more and more culture gaps and clashes that occur on almost every aspect of the two types of civilizations.  Sometimes, I like the West better, more often than not, I prefer the East.  However, with Western ideals like Capitalism, there's no room for Eastern ideals of Socialism.  One always feels more rewarded knowing that there's a couple million dollars in their own bank account than to know that every single person in your nation has 3 meals a day, a solid education, clothes on his/her back, free healthcare for the sick, and a roof over his/her head.  THAT's why Capitalism is easier to realize than socialism, and as the world economies merge more and more, chances are only one will prevail.  My guess is, the easiest one to realize will be the victor, unless someday a miracle suddenly happens and people (politicians, CEO's, civilians alike) all of a sudden feel like unlocking their bank accounts and letting others have a chance at a decent life.

It's disgusting to hear the words "Human Rights" coming out of the mouths of people who swim in luxuries while there's people starving to death on this planet still.  It's more disgusting still when it's the blood and sweat of those starving that build the bank accounts of those hammering for "Human Rights".

说句良心话, 中国从有了皇上以来, 教导的总是要以民为本,以民为尊。 得民心者可安天下也。  虽然说大部分的皇上都没有做到, 可是难道现在的政治家, 不管是哪国的, 就做到了吗?中国古代公正廉明的皇蒂虽然不多, 但是也有几个好的, 比起现在的政治家, 要说实话,我还真是宁愿选择一位爱民如子的皇帝。什么选举, 竟是胡乱花老百姓的钱罢了。 至少皇帝明明白白的就是感觉比平民高上一等, 哪有现在的政治家那样, 口里说的是人人平等, 一派胡言。 这边人怎么这么喜欢听好听的话而且听了就信。  忠言聂耳, 难道他们不懂? 吵来吵去, 到头来, 发现现在国家的这些烦脑, 中国的古人都已经体谅过了, 真是佩服。  “以民为本,以民为尊“, 这不是Human Rights那是什么??中国和徐他人告诉, 几千年前,我们就懂得了Human Rights有多么重要了。

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Date:November 19th, 2006 12:17 am (UTC)
good thought

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