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November 7th, 2006

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09:25 pm - Bored

So,  what was Mengya doing in class instead of paying attention?  (Lol, you can still see the lines from the paper xDD)  What was Mengya doing instead of reading for her upcoming essays?  Wow it's been a long time since I've drawn, and even longer since I've CG'ed, and of course the mood hits smack in the middle of the busiest month.  So, like I said, I doodled this in class, so no refining of any sort, and the colouring took about half an hour in Photoshop 7, just to satisfy the craving and play around with PS a little in hopes of getting my head back onto my essays.

We had a discussion group for my Intro to Politics class today, we went from talking about Liberalism, to globalisation, to fascism, to Star Trekk, Star Wars and Soccer x__X;;  Politics may ruin lives, but the way you can link it to just about every single topic of conversation is insanely amusing.

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