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October 25th, 2006

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01:52 pm - Diplomats' Blogs
Waaa!! This is awesome!!  Seems the trend of blogging hasn't just spread through the new generation, but even senior diplomats are starting to catch on to it!!  United Nations envoy Jan Pronk got expelled from Sudan after he posted what the government considered top-secret information onto his personal blog.  Obviously this led to much controversy, not to mention panic as governments started to fear other diplomats would follow the same route in order to get their voices heard.  BBC has an interesting article on that issue.  I googled up Mr. Pronk's blog and couldn't believe when it popped up as the first search result!!  Usually when we think of senior officials, they seem so out of reach, like they're in a different hemisphere than us common people, but things like this brings them a little closer to being human like the rest of us.  So anyone interested in the Sudan crisis, here's the words straight from someone who was smack in the middle of it all.

I know me and platinum_ice got into a debate over whether "secret" info should be leaked out like this. My belief is that if the governments really are working for the good of the people, and they believe that some information should be concealed because it will benefit the people, then sure. However, I think governments around the world have proven themselves time and again NOT to be working in the general interest for the people at all, and in this situation that we have in the 21st century, any information they choose to conceal I think we have to ask why. They don't deserve for us to trust them enough to allow them to have secrets.

Maybe if back when Rwanda happened, blogs had been invented and Mr. Dallaire did what Mr. Plonk did, outrage at the lack of action the UN took would have gotten enough momentum to force our governments to do something. I know if I had been in Mr. Dallaire's place, I'd have had no reservations about blasting what a useless organization the UN was and it's complete failure to uphold the security of the people, not to mention a jab or two aimed at the USA for not giving a damn about the lives of 800 000 people.
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