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Bitch rant, watch out~! And a dab of politics (surprise! xDD) - Welcome...

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October 24th, 2006

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01:10 pm - Bitch rant, watch out~! And a dab of politics (surprise! xDD)
She stopped looking at my journal a long time ago, but she knows I posted about her as recently as 2 weeks back latest, mmhmm.

So someone posted a link to one of my entries talking about her on her journal, so someone linked me to one of her entries/told me what she said on msn/provided screencaps through msn...er and the difference is?

She also has a short term memory deficiency it seems.  I know I forget stuff fairly quickly (especially details), but at least the general gist of what happened I can still recall (it's like understanding the concepts in my politics class but not paying attention to specific stats and dates, hence essay exams are so much easier to ace than multiple choice ones).  Especially for something as important as why a certain type of behaviour would cause such a large number of people to hate your guts (and no it's not just 3 my dear, I'm sorry to inform you) since it might pose as helpful reference for future experience of how NOT to act.  Or is that just me since I'm in politics and learning from past mistakes can sometimes mean the difference between massacres and peaceful resolutions?

She called me immature back in Feb. for "retaliation", but I refrained from pointing out to her that even though she's 6 years older than me she's not exactly neutral is she? (XDDDDD NEUTRAL!! HAHA!!! Sorry that just struck me as hilarious, neutral, her, ha).

You want to know why I don't tell my buddies to just stop relating news regarding you to me?  Simple, it's a great way to gather experience on how to deal with politicians that think it's their way or the highway.  Politicians that think the world's so happy-happy-joy-joy simply because they get to lounge in their Malibu mansions drinking martinis served by maids.  Plus, if all of the journals I kept track of were of those people who are generally in agreement with me and think like me, how often would I get to take the offensive stance?  Not to mention I'd start thinking in your similar fashion that the world's rainbows,  marshmallows and riding on ponies.   Hating on Bush and Capitalism only gets me so far.

My future's in politics, and in politics I'm bound to come across all types.  You're just research data sweetie.  Fandom's a miniscule part of my big picture, my aim is the international stage, if you think this is still just about grudges from fandom, hehe, you need some coffee to wake up.

Speaking of international issues, can the news get anymore obvious?

Erm...ok...someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but...the global ecosystem's been facing collapse since...well I'd hazard a guess since the Industrial Revolution.  We all know our current life styles (those in developed countries anyway) are 110% non-sustainable, the only question is how long can it last before it evaporates.  So...these guys are just realizing NOW that the billions of other organisms on this planet outside of humans are in danger of disappearing?  Whoa...we're doomed at this rate. 

Which makes me wonder though, right now the number of countries that are considered "developed" is about what, 30%? 40%?  Is it that high?  platinum_ice help me out here.  And all these human rights groups and this organization and that association are trying to raise the living standards in all the developing nations up to, or at least close to those of the developed.  If with only such a small percentage of developed nations we're already killing the Earth...hmm...I don't know if all this talk of improving living standards so that 100% of nations are developed is a good idea in the long run.  Dilemmas, dilemmas, do we want everyone in the here and now to live comfortably and screw the future generations?  Or do we want a future but screw the people in the undeveloped nations of today?

Argh~  why's everything relating to politics so messed uuuuuuuuup?!  So many problems, so many facets of each problem, so many causes and effects to consider for each solution put forth; 2 sides to each problem, more like 50 sides ~__~;;

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Date:October 24th, 2006 06:56 pm (UTC)
You are right. She was so determined to ban anyone/everyone who replied to a certain thread in a different community, that isn't very mature. What would be mature? Not blatantly insulting someone in the first place and when everyone says your opinion is not wanted here, to then shut the fuck up and please get over yourself. Godforbid she NOT be the center of attention in something directly related to Tenimyu. e_e gawd, I just remembered how much she friggin' pissed me off back then. xD

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