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Heat on Bush and the UN - Welcome...

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September 20th, 2006

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02:31 pm - Heat on Bush and the UN
I'm just gonna stick up a few sections from the article here.  It seems our voices are not only being heard finally, but it's being echoed by the politicians themselves now.  Finally they're starting to toss out the useless political jargon and stab the issue at the heart of the problem:

"Venezuela's leader Hugo Chavez has called US President George W Bush as "the devil" in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly."

"Mr Chavez went on to criticise the UN system which was "worthless""
UN General Assembly in session on 20 September
Un General Assembly

"Mr Chavez, who brandished a copy of American leftist writer Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: America's Quest for Global Dominance, said Mr Bush promoted "a false democracy of the elite" and a "democracy of bombs".

"He came here talking as if he were the owner of the world," the Venezuelan leader said.

He called for drastic reform of the UN to reduce what he called US influence.

The UN in its current form "doesn't work", he said.

"I don't think anybody in this room could defend the system," the Venezuelan leader added.

"Let's be honest. The UN system born after World War II collapsed. It's worthless."

Mr Chavez's criticism of the UN echoed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the assembly late on Tuesday, BBC diplomatic correspondent Bridget Kendall reports from New York.

"As long as the UN Security Council is unable to act on behalf of the entire international community in a transparent, just and democratic manner, it will neither be legitimate nor effective," Mr Ahmadinejad said in a speech delivered a few hours after Mr Bush's appearance."


So...what's your take?  Is the American Hegemony finally crumbling in the face of the outrage of the international community?  Personally I think that the American's method of using it's sheer power and size to intimidate smaller and poorer nations into complying is starting to break seeing as that's now 2 leaders in a row that's verbally attacked the US.  However, the other influence of the Americanization of culture and social values internationally is still going strong (unfortunately).  What does that mean?  Well, America may not be so capable of just plopping down troops wherever they deem necessary in the future, but MacDonalds, WalMart, and Nike are more than capable of expanding their markets globally.

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Date:September 21st, 2006 01:30 pm (UTC)
US's dualism/double standard is what makes people more to doubt her sincerity than to believe her.

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