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Darfur: Another Rwanda? - Welcome...

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September 17th, 2006

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11:46 pm - Darfur: Another Rwanda?
Well I'm glad to see that this time at least the international community's not just sitting on our asses as another possible genocide occurs, although whether that's going to change the outcome or not is another matter.  The UN wants to deploy peacekeepers this time, but it's the government keeping them out, yet the people of the world are demanding that the UN be allowed in. 

My question now is...if the Sudan government refuses to let the UN in, should the UN use force?  If some say no, since that'd be an invasion on a sovereign state, yet a genocide DOES occur, you can be sure that the fingers will be pointed at the UN.  But if it's a yes to force, then it's very likely that the Sudanese government's going to retaliate, which might very well result in casualties amongst the UN peacekeepers.  Either way, I'm seeing the UN as being stuck between a rock and a really hard place on this issue since they either have to take blame for another genocide OR they risk losing some men.

My personal opinion is that if there's concrete proof that innocent civilians are getting slaughtered, then the UN should be given the green light to use force to stop it.  As for the military casualties...I'm sorry to once again sound cold, but in the job description for the military, you should know that the risk of losing your life is part of the job.
*Sigh*  Sometimes, as much as I hate politicians, I really pity those in positions that have to make these decisions, and it's scary thinking that just possibly one day I might be someone in that position.  What would I do?  How would I react?  Which would I choose? Military casualties, or civilian ones?  Either way, someone's son, daughter, wife, husband, sister, brother is going to end up six feet under.  I guess the only thing I would be able to do is go by my conscience and choose the one I feel is the most right under these types of circumstances.  问心无愧

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Why isn't there anything on the CBC website??  You'd think after Rwanda, Darfur'd be front and centre.

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