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September 16th, 2006

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02:44 pm - Conspiracy Theory
Took another look at the video Loose Change (click here for their website) which looks into the Sept. 11th attacks and digs deep into the conspiracy theory.  *sigh*  The joy of our beautiful world.  There's a song in that video called Lies by reMo Conscious that I've uploaded here, it's better if you listen to it after watching the video since it talks about some of the specific questions delt with in the video regarding Sept. 11th.  For those that know me, I rarely if ever listen to North America music anymore preferring to stick with C-pop and J-pop, but once in awhile, a good song like this shows up, along with "Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas.

It's true though, there's way too many questions surrounding that day that the USA government should have been forced to answer to its people long ago.  Was it a cruise missile that hit the Pentagon?  If not, where's the airplane's debris?  Where's the impact from the wings and tail?  Why did the FBI confiscate videos from security cameras that would have caught the plane crashing into the Pentagon, instead only releasing 4 frames of one footage that doesn't even show clearly that it WAS an airplane?

What were those secondary explosions people kept talking about coming from the Twin Towers after the planes hit?  Why were the windows in the lobby on the main floor of Tower 7 blown out when the plane hit way up at the top?  Why did the Twin Towers collapse so easily, when throughout history high rises even when there's been intensive fires at the top floors still remained standing?  Where is the gold that was below the Twin Towers?  Why were so many USA government officials given warnings NOT to fly on the morning of Sept. 11th?

What, why, how, who, when, the basics of any investigation, and so far, even 5 years after, we're STILL not receiving a satisfactory answer from the most powerful government in the new millenium.
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