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Girl shot in Dawson College shootings - Welcome...

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September 14th, 2006

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11:48 pm - Girl shot in Dawson College shootings
I love how the cbc headlines read she was "slain" like a cow or something in the slaughterhouse.

Yesterday, as soon as I read the news that one female had died in the shooting, I swear my first thoughts were "Oh great, the family's gonna point their fingers at the police", especially after the news that the gunman shot himself since now they don't have a scapegoat, and voila, lookit that, I was right on the mark.  Apparently what happened was that this student was shot inside the school, but the police didn't find her body until hours later into the afternoon (shooting started around 12pm I believe).  Here's the first paragraph of the report:

"The grieving family members of a young woman slain by a gunman at Dawson College are angry with Montreal police, accusing officials of waiting too long to tell her parents their daughter had died."


Ok...well excuuuuuuuse the police for having to try and calm and rescue the other 10 000 students from inside the college not to mention secure the area around the college.  Plus you can't expect the police to just telepathically know "Oh, there's a dead person here and here, let's go get the bodies", they've gotta do this thing called 'searching'.  Bloody hell.  I may not be particularly fond of the police (or any other officials for that matter), but in situations like these man do I feel sorry for you guys.

-- Everyone still remember Saddam Hussein?  His trial's still going on...seems like it's as chaotic as expected -- click  Seems the judge has been accused of being biased towards Hussein and has been demanded to step down.

-- Another possible Rwanda?  Darfur tests the UN's peacekeeping abilities.  I wonder if Security Council will pass this one.  Koffi Annan's (Secretary General of the UN) failed most of the world's hope for him already.   You'd thinking coming from Africa himself, he'd speak up a bit more for the poor instead of being another America kiss-ass like the rest *sigh*

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Date:September 15th, 2006 04:19 am (UTC)
Their daughter died. They need someone to blame. =(
Date:September 15th, 2006 06:09 am (UTC)
There's really no one to blame other than the bastard that did this. He deserves the ultimate punishment, and he gave it to himself-what a coward. People like him should continue to live, and be forced to endure unbearble conditions, with limited amounts of the basics of life, until they meet their slow, eventual (and what would seem to them as :desirable") death. This isn't human, even animals can attain a level of understanding and sentiment than this piece of shit. I'm so sorry-James
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Date:September 15th, 2006 03:36 pm (UTC)

true..true as much as I would hate to say this..but rather 1 death then many...its cold hearted to say that but what can you do in that siutation???

Seriously...the UN isn't a league of Nations more so of America leading them...thus why she's allowed to do anything...
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Date:September 17th, 2006 12:35 am (UTC)
A guy I know goes to that school. Two of his friends were shot - one in the arm, one in the leg.

As expected, the media is blaming Goth culture and, of course, video games.

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